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About Sandi

Sandi Greenberg has been an educator, counselor, and mentor for several decades in the academic and fitness fields, both in Israel and in the United States. In addition to her Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Literature, she has 500-hour certification training as a yoga teacher, and certifications as a life Coach, Wellness and Nutrition Coach, and Hypnotherapist. 

Sandi’s mission is to help people attain peace of mind, clarity, direction, and self-empowerment, as well as maximize their physical health and well being, by sharing the tools and talents that have benefited her over the years

Contact Sandi at 602-741-2828 or email:

Client Testimonials ~

Regardless of a student's experience with yoga, Sandi's instruction is clear, caring, non-judgmental, and nurturing. I love how she combines a spiritual teaching with the physical postures, offering us ways of applying that philosophy off of the mat and into our lives. I feel physically and emotionally energized after a session with Sandi!"

--Jennifer Dooley

"Sandi has coached me on many topics from family relations to overall attitude.  Her pointed questions grounded me to the reality of the situations and what was attainable, rather than bemoaning what was not.  She was a calming, steady influence, and her guidance helped me gain not only acceptance of current circumstances, but direction for the future."


"I had my first hypnotherapy experience with Sandi Greenberg. I had no idea what to expect and at first, was a little apprehensive. She immediately put my mind at ease and did an excellent job of educating me before our session began. Sandi's approach was extremely gentle, yet at the same time, she was able to zero right in on my issue. The therapy session  was relaxing yet effective.  I noticed results soon after the first session. I experienced an immediate and easy shift in my behavior. Hypnotherapy was more powerful than I ever imagined thanks to Sandi's capable and professional approach."

--Gayle N.,  author  |  Phoenix, AZ

"As a beginning yoga student, I find Sandi's instructional style comfortable, supportive, and always encouraging. She makes each person feel an important part of the group and promotes their self-confidence. I feel great physically and mentally throughout the day!"

--Brett Lloyd

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